Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Waiting ~

Hoping this day finds you energized about the start of school; passionate about learning a new skill to keep you sharp-minded; hopeful that a new day brings new opportunity and mindful that we don't waste it.

Have you ever sat and waited for something? How many times? How often did it not come? Now ask yourself, "if I took the initiative and tried to make something happen for myself would I be more satisfied with the result?"

Life is about choices. We can either choose to be a participant or choose to be an observer. Of course, there are benefits and risks to both sides. But if you are stuck in the middle and not choosing either, well then, you are really in an interesting place we call "limbo."  Limbo is the place where vanilla, gray, neutral, "maybe," and someday resides. How many people do you know live in limbo? I know several. At times, I have even caught myself living in this limbo place. It is a form of waiting as though we are attaching an action verb to limbo and forcing it to move. Yet, what are we waiting for?  

We are lucky enough to have been given the exact amount of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds of life up until this very moment. We may not know what next year or next week brings, but who's to say we will be given that chance? Tomorrow is a gift, and today is the present. Therefore, stop waiting for it/him/her to arrive. Go out and take on the day with the confidence of a child who has no concept of waiting. I have 3 of them living in my home and they remind me that life is about living, not waiting.  I have faith in you.


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