Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PLUS 3 (+3)

Blessed day all ~
Hoping today finds you awakening to new adventures and new opportunities, not settling for anything less than what you are able give in return.

Stop and consider all that you have in your life at this very moment and ask yourself these three important questions:
1) What/who do I love most in this world?
2) What can I NOT afford to live without? 
2) If today was my last day on this earth, what do I want my mark on it [the world] to look like? (What is your legacy?)
Now, stop and consider how these decisions play into your health and the personal decisions you make each and every day.

The Story: Yesterday, I hit another milestone as I turned 44 years of age. The milestone . . . I have lived 3 years longer than my mother who passed away at the age of 41 from a massive stroke. She was thoughtful, beautiful, and inspiring to so many who knew her.  To this day, I still hear stories about my mother from friends and family that are still around to tell those stories. From a 12-year old point of view at the time, she could do no wrong. So if I were to ask my mother the three important questions I posed above, here is what I believe her response would have been:
1) children, husband, family and friends
2) cigarettes
3) love

My mother's choice to make cigarettes part of her lifestyle cost her dearly. Stop and consider the choices you make regarding your health. Now, look beyond your individual body and think about the circle of influence you have on those closest to you - your spouse, your children, extended family and friends. You have the ability to choose and influence not only your journey but your destination. Let your experiences teach you, and those around you, that life is worth experiencing at its fullest. 

I challenge youHow can you make your health just as important as those individuals/things you cannot live without?  What is your +3 moment?

Put your plan in place and then put it in motion. Nothing idle ever moves.

Blessings and Namaste~

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