Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stop. Breathe ~

Life moves at a rapid pace, so much so that people can forget to eat. Who does that? Most days, I find myself feeling like a ping pong ball running from one meeting to the next trying to fit everything in. At 6:00pm I cannot begin to recall what I did at 8:00am, other than I know it involved drinking a cup of coffee to flip the switch in my brain to the "ON" position.  Upon arriving home the demands don't stop as my youngest (19mos) demands mommy time, my pre-teen daughter hugs me and needs my ear to discuss what happened at school, and my teenage son requires a daily hug just to know I am home. My husband, well, he has needs too as we fight to find time to chat in between toddler chatter and brother-sister banter.  Breathe. . . . . . .

Technology is supposed to make things simpler. Easier. More efficient.  In many respects they do, however, they give us a false sense that we can now do MORE with the same amount of time we had before technology. I may be able to do more, but I feel exhausted. My batteries drained. Yet feel a void, or sense of loss as though I am still missing out. Breathe . . . . . . .

My toddler quickly runs over and wedges himself between me and the counter as I stand at the sink washing dishes and his sippy cups, demanding my attention chattering "Up! Up! Up!" As I pick him up and stare into his big blue eyes, the smile on his face and his adoring dimples redirect my focus. He gently lays his head on my shoulder and I stop. Breathe. And remember that the void, the sense of loss I felt earlier, is gone. Breathe ~ ~ ~

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