Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seeking Truth

Hoping this day finds you seeking the truth in all you do so that it grounds and validates your values, your purpose, and clarifies your vision moving forward.
We live in a world where events and information are influencing or even changing our beliefs, our values and even questioning our purpose. While this can be a good thing in some respects, there are times when it can be destructive to the fabric of our being. Are you able to discern the difference?

As you seek clarity in your faith, seek out the sources you know will offer honest, factual information. Then research some more. As you seek clarity in your purpose, seek out those individuals and resources that will help you reveal your inner strengths, motivations, abilities and talents. As you seek clarity in your values, seek out those individuals and sources from your past that taught, influenced and mentored you to where you are now - then create a path for how you plan to continue forward with the knowledge you now have.
I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking the truth in life and all that entails. In many respects, it will involve a journey as the answers won't be found overnight. It is an experience you must endure to reveal your inner-self and where you fit in it all. This experiential journey will be the lesson and help reveal the clarity you seek.
I wish you many blessings in your journey toward the truth.

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