Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tales From Superwoman's Cape - Let the Security Blanket Go!

Most women will tell you that if they could do it all and have it all, they would. As guru's of multi-tasking, both professional women and full-time mothers find a way to juggle multiple things at once. While the juggling act may not be efficient or feel productive at times, it has become an unspoken expectation of the job description women have come to own. We are all Superwomen in our own right. If our capes could talk, what would they say? Oh, the stories they would tell!

Let the security blanket go!
I have heard and read the small pocket-size books "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, It's All Small Stuff."  Easy enough, right?  Well, what happens when the small stuff begins piling on top of one another, like individual bricks being stacked? At some point, the weight of each of these bricks begins to weigh us down, causing us to lose strength, stamina, and focus which, in turn, affects our performance as mothers, spouses, friends, daughters and professionals.

If each one of these bricks were individual tasks, like carpooling, grocery shopping or fixing dinner we may be able to delegate these responsibilities or even pay someone to do them for us.  However, what if these bricks were mental blocks. Mental blocks comprised of negative self talk, or worse, negative comments made by people we respect and love.  Those mental blocks (or bricks) become more difficult to push away because we internalize them, right? Suddenly there is an immovable back pack affixed to us that is tightly secured. In some instances they become our security blanket - interesting thought! Our superwoman cape is replaced by a security blanket; a blanket that allows us to wallow in sorrow, defeat, negative self talk that takes us no where but down. Enough!!

Time to put the security blanket away and let go of those things that anchor you, resisting you to take flight and soar! "Where do I begin?" you say -

1. Start by walking. Yes walking. Get your body moving and your blood pumping. Increased circulation will improve mental well being and help change your negative internal perceptions of your self.
2. Surround yourself with positive people. There are enough negative ones to drag anyone down. Find  those individuals who believe in you and will uplift you.
3. Share your dreams. Talking about them helps bring them to life. Writing them down puts a plan in motion.
4. Regroup. How do you begin and end your day? Make sure it is positive on both ends and productive in the middle and involves something you aspire to be or do. Put inspiration back in your daily routine.

Soon, you will begin to take flight and bring out your inner Superwoman!


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