Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wish for the New Year - Commit to You!

Blessed day all ~
Hoping this day finds you positively reminiscing about 2010 and strategically planning goals for 2011, finding fun ways to commit to YOU in 2011.

Lets face it, every year we approach the new year with a little dread and excitement. For some of us, that dread may be found in the lack of planning for the coming year. If this is you, take charge! Don't allow yourself to be a passive participant in your life any longer. It is easy to just sit back and ride the "current" of life, rather than built a boat and be your own captain. You are the only person getting in the way of your goals. You can be the captain of your own boat. It is time to stop allowing yourself to be passive in your goal setting.

There is so much change occurring in this world that is beyond our control. So, what do you have control or influence over?

1. Your health (regular wellness checkups at Dr., adherence to medication, regular physical fitness - reduces depression, anxiety, risk of diabetes/heart disease/cancer/obesity)
2. Your nutrition (reduce or eliminate fast food, increase consumption of fresh vegetables & fruit, watch portion sizes, take vitamins)
3. Your personal relationships (spouse, family, friends)
4. Your professional relationships (boss, co-workers)
5. Your personal development (education, self-improvement - online programs, self-help books & DVD's, find a mentor to help you!)
6. Your financial situation (how/where you spend money, how/where you save money, employment [most instances])
7. Your happiness (identify what makes you unhappy and take steps to change it - new job, get out of a relationship, take a vacation)

Empower yourself to be a better you in 2011. There is always room for improvement. Pick your top 3 and make it happen. Include your spouse/family/friends in your goal setting as they can serve as your accountability partners.

"I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus, positive or negative."
-Law of Attraction

So, grab your tools and lets get to building! I have faith in you!
Blessings and Namaste,
Dawn Lang, MA
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach
Perception Access, Inc.

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