Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Integrity - the Glue that Binds

Today I listened to a woman business leader in the insurance industry who spoke at the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) Indiana Chapter event regarding the importance of balancing family and career. Lori Beer is the executive vice president of Enterprise Business Services for WellPoint, Inc., a mother of 3 and and spouse to a loving husband. Great talk with some key takeaways I wanted to share:

- Your integrity is key in all aspects of life. Lead with integrity and hard work, and your intentions become clearer.
- Lead with integrity during the hard times when everything and everyone seems to be against you. It keeps you centered and on track.
- Prioritize the important things at work and home. Let go of the little things that don't really matter when it comes to the big picture.
- Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then tend to others. We often hear this directive given on airplanes when traveling with children, however, the deeper meaning behind it is poignant - give yourself a break so you have the energy to be a better mother, spouse and leader to others.
- Be present; be here and now whether at home or work. It is all about your full attention more than time. Put down the Blackberry. Listen and engage with others, at home and work.
- Embrace change. You will be defined as a leader by how much you embrace change.
- Attitude is key in how you embrace change. Check it - often.
- Only you can define what works for you.
- Community Service and giving back - define what it means to you to give back, and involve your children in the experience.
- Follow your shadow as a leader - walk the talk.

"......Leadership is about taking people where they need to go." - Roselyn Carter

Blessings ~

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