Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life Purpose is to fill others with love!

Hoping this day finds you thankful for the many, many friends and family that love and adore you each and every day.

This past week was one of the hardest I have had to endure in a very, very long time. While in Seattle on a business trip last week, many in our company witnessed a horrific event - a stranger falling from a building to his death (suicide). Although none of us knew this person, we came to know about him posthumously. One never knows how they will react or respond at such an incident, but I have come to know that life is full of experiences that teach us many things. Witnessing this incident taught me that:

1) I must tell the people I love that I, in fact, love them with all my heart, and not take for granted or assume they know this. I question if John, the 24-year-old who fell to his death, truly knew this.

2) Know that my purpose on this life, at the very least, is to be an honorable servant of God, supportive and loving wife to my husband, and protector of my children. I must show this with my actions.

3) My life will be driven by God's purpose(s) for me - I must be open to receiving this, not resistant.

I encourage each of you to consider for a moment the many blessings you have and not take them for granted. The image of this person will always be with me as a reminder to fill others with love. I encourage you to fill others with love, also. Seeing the comments and postings on Johns Facebook Memorial page is eye opening. Many cared and loved him, and are deeply saddened at his death. Did he know how much love people had for him? If he knew, would he have fallen to his death?

Many people care and love you. Know this. Make sure you share your love openly with others.


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